Steal the diamond in Professor Enright's Enigma Escape Room

The heist of the century is just getting started

Professor Enright, the world – famous explorer, has travelled the world in search of the Enigma Diamond.
After many years, he found it deep within the jungles of South America. Tonight the Professor is hosting a gathering to celebrate his success. You and your team have a golden window to break into his study, and steal his most prized possession.

You have one hour.

Professor Enrights Enigma Escape room Newton Abbot Small

Get in, Get out, Get rich...

Professor Enright’s Enigma is the first tale in the Devon Escape Saga. Utilising your team you are seeking to break through the Professor’s security systems to uncover that possession that he holds most dear. Uncover the deceit and deception that allowed the professor to lay his hands on such a treasure. 

The Story

With a party in full swing Professor Enright celebrates his discovery of the Enigma diamond. Whilst he entertains his guests and security are busy there is a 60 minute window available. Betrayed by the Professor, you and your team seek to right a wrong as you plan to break in and take the diamond for yourselves.
The Professor has much security guarding his most prized possession. You’ll need to be quick and skilful to get out with such a prize.  

Professor Enrights enigma escape room teaser


Teams of 2 – £25 Per Person
Teams of 3-6 – £20 Per Person (£5 Saving Per Person)

Booking more than one room? Drop us an email at so we can arrange your experience.

We are delighted to share discounts of up to 15% with Blue Light card holders and Students providing there is a minimum of 4 in your group.
Simply add in your discount code and receive a discount against your whole booking.

We recommend a maximum of 2 children per adult for this experience. 

Room Version – 1.1 – Launched 15/01/2024

New to escape rooms or had any questions? Be sure to check out our FAQ or contact us where we will do our best to help.

Team Size

Teams of 2-6 People are required for this experience. Team members aged 15 and under must be accompanied by a participating adult.


This experience is 60 minutes long. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your session for briefing and to enable a comfortable start.

Difficulty - 4/5

This room features a good mix of puzzles to prove a challenge! We’re always on hand however to lend a helping hand to complete the story!


 This room includes hints delivered in text and larger print. This experience is located upstairs so wheelchair access is sadly not possible. Please call ahead if you have and additional concerns and we can do our best to assist.

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